Do you have an idea that could improve the server and make it better for everyone else? Submit your idea and if we add it, you'll be awarded $50,000 in-game or more! Do you want to earn more? Look below to see what we are currently seeking for in terms of ideas.

Before submitting an idea, please make sure you explain how the plugin works and how it will be beneficial to the server and the players. Simply giving us a plugin name and telling us to install it isn't helpful.

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Main Focus

We are currently looking into survival-gameplay focused ideas rather than small additions. We'd like to make survival more challenging and goal oriented, something that will drive players to come back and work on something besides building and leveling up mcMMO. Again, we are not particularly looking for small add ons but something larger to redevelope our current gameplay. However, if the idea comprises of multiple additions of smaller things and packaged as a whole, that is fine.

If you have the next biggest idea, please feel free to submit it. As a reward, depending on the idea, we are offering $250,000, the Hero rank and more as a minimum.