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Show Respect

Treat all players with respect.

We understand that everyone has and follows their own values, which is great. But some things just shouldn’t be said publicly. If it isn't respectful towards the general audience, just don’t say it at all. Do not target any group or individuals, regardless of the reason. If a player requests you to stop with a legitimate reason, please respect their request.


Keep drama/arguments outside of global chat.

We don’t need chat filled with drama or arguments. If you insist on arguing with another player, do so privately. Topics that are likely to cause drama are also no longer allowed. This includes but is not limited to: politics and religion based conversation. You may talk about these privately if you insist.

Clean Topics

Keep chat topics clean and respectful.

All topics discussed in global chat must stay clean and friendly. If you want to talk about something else such as sexual acts, nudity or anything in the likes, then do so outside of the global chat.


Spamming in any form is not permitted

This includes messages in the chat, private messages, teleport requests and anything else that may annoy other players. Additionally, excessive letters should be kept to a minimum. We understand that multiple letters can convey a certain expression, like “Heyyyyyy”, but try to keep it short. There’s no need to use 100 of the same letter.

Cap Usage

Moderate your cap usage.

We understand that caps can emphasize emotions and whatnot. However, moderate your caps. There is no need to use caps excessively, especially in consecutive messages. Only emphasize the words that are absolutely necessary.

Griefing & Stealing

They're just not allowed.

Unless you were given direct permission from the owner of the building, you are not allowed to modify any building, even if the player has not logged in for a few months or if they abandoned it. This includes but is not limited to taking items from their area, locking/claiming something that isn't yours, adding/removing things and more.

Fraudulent Activities

Scamming players are not allowed

Any fraudulent activity is strictly prohibited. This includes tricking players into buying something they thought was otherwise, not completing an agreed deal or anything similar.

Alternative Accounts

Multiple accounts are not allowed.

Under certain circumstances, we will approve the usage of two accounts. However, this must be requested and approved through an administrator or higher. Using multiple accounts without permission is not allowed and will get your alternative accounts and possibly your main account banned.

Common Sense

Use some.

Use some common sense on the server. We don't need to give you a 50 page rule book to tell you what's allowed and what's not. If you think it's not allowed, it most likely isn't. If you're not sure, just ask. it. This includes but is not limited to taking items from their area, locking/claiming something that isn't yours, adding/removing things and more.

Town Rules

  • Towns are able to set their own rules and guidelines, as long as they are still adhering to the server’s global and federal rules.
  • Towns going against any federal rules may receive a monetary penalty and in some cases, town closure.
  • All towns must clearly display their rules at their town spawn for all players and members to see. Players are advised to read these rules before joining the town.
  • Towns may kick a member at their own discretion, but are not allowed to remove/touch the player’s property. They must contact an Admin or Owner to move the property elsewhere.

Other rules

Other rules we should include since some people lack some common sense (and less important rules).

  1. Advertising
    1. Do we need to explain why? If you want to tell your friend another server's IP, tell them privately in message or somewhere else.
  2. Exploiting bugs/glitches
    1. Like any game, there are bugs and sometimes, this can lead to exploiting. Since this is a multiplayer game, we want it to be fair for everyone as much as possible. If you encounter any bug that can let you exploit a certain feature on the server, please report it as soon as possible. Players abusing bugs/glitches in game will be banned without a chance to appeal.
  3. Bypassing any sort of punishments
    1. If you were punished, there was likely a reason. Bypassing it, regardless of the reason, is not allowed. If you think your punishment was unjustified, appeal it by emailing [email protected] Bypassing it in any way will just get your account permanently banned.
  4. Automatic Tools
    1. Automatic farms and anything that can be buit in-game are fine. However, you must actively use the farm yourself. Therefore, any auto-bots, auto-clickers, auto-killing or even physical modifications such as the use of rubber bands or anything heavy applied to your mouse is not allowed. You must be present when using any automatic farms.
    2. Using any automatic tools to bypass the AFK-kicker is also not allowed. This includes but is not limited to using minecarts, water mechanisms to keep you moving, having the movement keys depressed with an object or anything similar.
  5. Keep all builds PG friendly
    1. If you like to build genitals and anything related, you probably don’t belong on our server anyways. Keep all builds friendly for all players. Any builds deemed to break this rule may be removed with or without notice.
  6. Keep a building buffer
    1. Give everyone space to build. Keep at least a 10 chunk (160 block) distance between another player's area unless they are fine with you building close by. This will give both parties enough space to expand in the future, if necessary.
  7. Keep global chat in English
    1. A majority of the players are English speakers. In order for everyone to understand everyone else, please keep the global chat in English. You may speak any other language in other channels or privately.
  8. Report legitimate problems only
    1. Please only report anything that is legitimate. Do not use the report functionality to mess around or lie. Doing so may be punishable.